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NSDM INDIA-Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace in India. Advertising expenditure in India is expected to grow at 13% compared to 2017 and touch INR 69,346 crore in 2018. Digital marketing has become synonymous with marketing. Brands are turning towards digital platforms more than ever before. This presents a great opportunity for anybody to build a solid career in digital marketing.


As digital technologies and strategies continue to evolve, the skills people need at both entry level and as experienced professionals are constantly changing. This makes it important for marketers to keep up with this ever changing digital marketing landscape to flourish in their career or business.


This is where NSDM INDIA comes in. We offer the best digital marketing course in pune with job placements. Our online marketing courses are based on a learning by doing approach. Students at NSDM INDIA are trained to develop complete digital marketing campaign strategies from start to finish that involves conceiving, creating, promoting, executing and measuring the success of an online business. The objective of our internet marketing courses in pune is to arm our trainees with the digital media skills that can be leveraged to become leaders and influencer’s in the online space.


We are laser focused towards fuelling the dynamic learning approach in the education industry which at present is clearly lacking. Our digital marketing course in pune is designed by industry experts to make individuals competent enough to deliver real-world business solutions. How digital platforms can contribute towards achieving business objectives is the central theme of our digital marketing training in pune.